This historic viaduct is a remarkable feature of Kielder Water & Forest Park but has never been promoted as a highlight of a visit.  When the Kielder History Group was looking for a project on which to focus, the viaduct was an obvious opportunity.  


I was invited to develop and deliver the Kielder Viaduct Heritage Project for the History Group, KWFP Development Trust and partners, supported by HLF funding. With the help of two colleagues specialising in education, archiving and oral history,

I worked with community volunteers to catalogue the viaduct archive, establish a learning and interpretation plan based on the findings and deliver a range of new interpretation and learning resources for the historic monument.


At the heart of the project was a series of heritage training workshops, which were extremely well received, and have given members of the Kielder community the skills and confidence to develop more heritage projects in future.



provided a range of heritage training for community volunteers to help them     









Find out more about Kielder Viaduct and the heritage project on the page we developed on the VisitKielder website
Gathering visitor feedback on our initial proposals at the start of the Kielder Viaduct Heritage Project
Jo leading a training workshop on interpretive planning in the historic carriages at The Heritage Centre, Bellingham
Sensitively-sited new interpretation panels reveal the history of Kielder Viaduct

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Thank you for all you did on the Viaduct Heritage project.  It was a great project to

be involved with and you led it brilliantly.

Elisabeth Rowark, Director,

Kielder Water & Forest Park.