This unique HLF-funded project brought together a team of heritage professionals to guide and support 18 churches across the North East, with the aim of enhancing their sustainability. We helped the mix of rural and urban churches to identify key opportunities for heritage conservation, improvements to facilities and access, and explore their potential for wider community use.


My role during the three year project was to help the churches prepare heritage activity plans and to work with them to deliver heritage activities including community events, trail leaflets and display materials. A key output was to create a travelling exhibition with the volunteer teams that would travel to the participating churches. I led the planning workshops and together we created a colourful, engaging and adaptable set of resources. Travelling Treasure was designed to be displayed in any venue, included opportunities to add bespoke resources, was made mainly of recyclable cardboard and could be transported in the back of any car!


Jo gets under the skin of a subject

and draws out the stories that

people will really engage with.

James Simpson,

              Senior Designer, Bright 3D.

Travelling Treasure, a hugely adaptable touring exhibition, was a key output of the project and was designed in close collaboration with the participating church teams
Travelling Treasure visited 13 churches across the North East in its first year on the road
Travelling Treasure included many opportunities for the church teams to add their own specific stories and displays, and many took full advantage of this!
I worked very closely with the church teams to plan and develop the proposals for the travelling exhibition as well as helping them prepare their own heritage activity plans