I was delighted to work with Aaron Lawton Associates to develop a range of new interpretive resources for historic Brompton Cemetery, one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries built around the city in the late 19th century, for The Royal Parks.


More than 200,000 people are buried here, marked by some 35,000 memorials, and the cemetery is a haven for people and wildlife - so there was no shortage of stories to draw upon! It is also the last rest place for notable figures such as the Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst and epidemiologist Dr John Snow. As part of a major Lottery-funded restoration project, we created new interpretation for the cemetery, including a Top 25 walking trail, a Top 100 highlights interactive online map, sensitively-sited graphics on key routes, displays for the welcome centre and a handsome guidebook.


We worked in close collaboration with a team of volunteers, including members of the Friends of Brompton Cemetery, to gather research material and select the highlights.








Jo’s ability to motivate, to keep ideas coming, and keep us all smiling through the tricky times is a rare asset.

Phil Whitfield,

Head of Design & Interpretation FLS

Brompton Cemetery is full of remarkable memorials, as well as a beautiful domed chapel and a grand arched entrance
These striking folding graphics can be used inside and outside the welcome centre, highlighting different aspects of the cemetery's history and its significance to people today
Our interpretive panels were carefully sited to add value to the experience of exploring, and draw attention to the details of the memorials and the stunning trees, planting and wildlife as well as the stories of those buried here
There is something different to see and do throughout the year at the cemetery - the many trees are spectacular in autumn and the site is a riot of colourful planting in spring and summer